Summary This is a power packed Barossa Cabernet that delivers above expectation. It has bold, generous flavours, lovely ripe fruit, big tannins and smooth alcohol giving a luscious mouth-feel. This is a stand out wine with balance and structure. Tasting Notes Colour The colour is deep inky black / red through the core with deep […]

Summary This is the third release of Peter Jorgensen’s Show Reserve Epiphany Shiraz and is another outstanding example of Barossa Shiraz from premium old vineyards combined with skillful hand crafted winemaking. Complex and powerful, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Tasting Notes Colour The colour is deep inky red / black through the core with dark […]

Summary Peter Jorgensen’s Grand Barossa Black Shiraz has a deserved reputation for delivering intense powerful flavours with honest Barossan heritage. This is another example of premium low yielding vineyards and meticulous winemaking skill producing a rich, full-bodied wine with style and finesse. Tasting Notes Colour The colour is a rich deep red with a dark […]

Summary Barossa Cabernet from vintage 2009 continue to impress. This is another classic from winemaker Peter Jorgensen. It has bold, generous flavours skillfully crafted from old vine fruit. The powerful structure is balanced by sophisticated oak, generous alcohol and refined dry tannins. Expert Review Not yet reviewed Tasting Notes Bottling Date: 9 September, 2013 Colour The […]

Summary This is a solid Barossa blend with charisma and depth. It has rich enticing flavours, lovely balanced tannins and a complexity that highlights the winemaker’s craft. It’s a classic blend in perfect proportion capturing the best of these two varieties. Expert Review YouTube Review by Rob Geddes, Master of Wines, November 2013 Tasting Notes […]

Summary Bottled in May 2013 following many years barrel and tank aging, this second limited release Epiphany is a continuing insight into the complexity of Barossa Shiraz from Peter Jorgensen. It showcases hand crafted excellence from premium vineyards skillfully blended from the very best fruit.  A full flavoured softer tannin wine than the 2006 Epiphany, […]

Summary This is a unique and extremely rare experience. The original base wine is well over 50 years old. It is highly concentrated and complex with a luxurious sensation of bouquet, flavour and texture.  A once in a life time opportunity. Internal winery ranking: 19/20 Expert Review YouTube Review by Rob Geddes, Master of Wines, […]

Summary 2007 was a very low yielding intensely flavoured vintage and this timeless Barossa blend is bursting with rich, concentrated flavours. It’s packed with berries, game and licorice spice layered over the rare earth complexity. Internal winery ranking: 18/20 Expert Review YouTube review by Robert Geddes, Master of WInes, December 2012 Abbreviated taxt version: “This […]

Summary This is stunning expression of prestige Barossa Shiraz from master blender and winemaker Peter Jorgensen. It’s opulent and powerful like the 2009 but reflects the sophistication and elegance from the 2010 vintage. The textural richness adds an extra dimension to the rugged Barossa experience. Internal winery ranking: 18/20 Expert Review YouTube Review by Rob […]